Uk Based Global Fitness Brand Taking the Fitness World By Storm!

Uk Based Global Fitness Brand Taking the Fitness World By Storm!

AquaPhysical, the inventors of the revolutionary fitness float, the ‘AquaBase’, are trading internationally from Exeter, Devon. Having sold into 58 countries, the popular  FloatFit Classes taken on the AquaBase are happening around the world from the UK  to Australia, the USA to Sweden.

What is FloatFit?

The ground breaking on water high intensity interval training and  yoga inspired fitness class held on water using the AquaBase – a low impact, high quality exercise platform. A FloatFit Class uses the full length of the AquaBase to maximum effect. The water’s instability requires the core to work continually to stay balanced.

Who are AquaPhysical?

In 2014 Leila Francis Coleman developed an idea she had. Joining forces with Tom Whelan the AquaBase was born and began to disrupt the fitness industry globally. The FloatFit Class structure was introduced and now over 1,000
trained instructors teach FloatFit Classes worldwide. AquaPhysical is becoming more popular every day! One video posted by AquaPhysical has been viewed by more than 150 million people worldwide.


The creator of AquaPhysical and winner of the 2017 BQ Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Leila, explains:

“We launched a completely new approach to fitness and know that people of all ages love discovering this remarkable way of working out whatever their ability.”

“We are delighted to have worked with top brands who recognise our fun, luxury brand as being in line with their own – including Speedo, Rolls-Royce, Seafolly Australia and Bose.”

The AquaBase is tough and inflatable. Easy to store inflated or deflated. Use in sheltered water indoors or outdoors! An ocean pool, an intimate boutique pool, a local facility. FloatFit Classes are starting at different locations all the time.


The difference?

FloatFit gives a fun, full body workout on a body length, unstable, floating platform. The AquaBase, the original floating exercise mat, adds a new, powerful dimension to workouts.

The benefits?

The movement created by the water requires both the core and concentration to work together to balance. Intricate stabilising muscles work overtime helping to add strength to joints. These muscle fibres are frequently ‘unused’ in other

And finally…

FloatFit offers a new, low impact, exciting and fun way of exercising. Often participants don’t realise it’s actually an exercise class until they wake up the following morning!

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