Our commitment at Tozers is to ensure the safety of you and your families, along with our colleagues, and to do our utmost to smooth the path of legal transactions for you during this crisis. This is why we are working constantly to think of novel ideas to help you.

Will-making relies on face-to-face meetings between legal advisors and their clients, needing the physical presence of the Will-maker and two witnesses to put the document in place at the end of the process. As you can imagine, the current climate has seen a sharp increase in those wanting to ensure that their affairs are in order. So, how do you put a Will in place but ensure that you are not at risk in doing so?

The relevant law for signing a Will to ensure it is valid only mentions ‘witnessing’ and being ‘present at the same time’. There is technically no restraint on how you, as the Will-maker, and your witnesses might be present together provided that you are physically all together. Our colleagues have been visiting Will-makers up and down Devon to help get their Wills validly in place. We have hovered in gardens, stood in hedges and skirted flowerbeds to see you signing your Wills through the window and are happy to keep helping you in this way for as long as this crisis needs.

Please do contact us if you would like to put a Will in place and we would be happy to assist, acting as your witnesses outside the window if needed, whatever the weather!

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Rachael Morley – Associate and Solicitor

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