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Our colleagues in Newton Abbot and Teignmouth specialise in wealth management, family law and conveyancing services. Tozers also support clients and businesses with an extensive range of legal services from our office in Exeter.

What is your specific role?

My name is Jayne Bertie and I am a solicitor based at our Newton Abbot office. 

I help clients to find a solution when making their wills – whether a straightforward will is required or a more bespoke service is needed. I also deal with the administering of estates and lasting powers of attorney. 

Another key area our team specialises in is supporting clients who care for people lacking capacity. 

What do you mean by ‘lacking capacity’?

Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, when someone is unable to make a decision for themselves in relation to a matter, it is said that they are lacking capacity. There are of course many reasons why this may be the case.  

What sort of things can you help with?

My team and I are experienced in dealing with these situations – typically we get involved with the following processes: 

  • Handling property and resources of those who are unable to manage themselves
  • Complex capacity issues and assessments 
  • The protection of compensation payments made to adults or to children who will or will not have capacity on reaching the age of 18
  • Interactions with the Office of the Public Guardian or Court of Protection about property or health & welfare 

Often, sorting these issues can seem overwhelming, but our team will guide your family through with sensitive and practical advice. 

How else do you help your clients?

Tozers can advise on and manage protective trusts, attorneyships and deputyships, capacity assessments, deprivation of liberty queries, Court of Protection applications and Office of the Public Guardian reporting. 

What are the key things to think about when considering if you need legal advice?

Legal advice can be needed for many reasons. You may be dealing with particularly difficult legal issues or it may be that the issues are simple but the consequences of getting the wrong result are significant.  

For me, the key thing to think about when considering taking legal advice is just whether you would feel more comfortable or confident in the steps you’re about to take if you had clear advice about the risks and options you face. Sometimes a sense check is all that’s needed, or sometimes it’s simply easier to ask your solicitor to manage things for you. Knowing you can turn to a trusted advisor when things get difficult can be a great help. 

Get in touch using the contact details below and see how we can help: 

Jayne Bertie | Newton Abbot

Call 01626 207040 or email

Sue Halfyard | Teignmouth

Call 01626 771227 or email

More information on these services can be found by visiting our website:

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