Testimonials About Local Businesses

Testimonials About Local Businesses


Testimonial from Becca Lewis – Head of PR and Communications at Crowdcube Ltd.

“Amanda is highly efficient, professional and diligent in her approach to customer service, which resulted in a seamless experience for our customers and our team. Amanda is a customer champion and always is mindful of the customer’s perspective, which is why we continue to return to Amanda for support during busy times or when holiday cover is required. I honestly could not recommend Amanda’s virtual customer support services highly enough.”





Testimonial from John Land – Van Guard

“All projects were very well planned, and delivered on time and budget, so Van Guard’s experience with Timewade has been very positive.

Having Timewade as their IT Support provider allows Van Guard to continue to do what they do best which is manufacture and sell Van accessories, with the confidence that their systems have capacity, are resilient, secure and futureproofed. Whilst Van Guard still experience the odd unforeseen issue, that is the nature of IT, sometimes expectation is higher than realisation.

As a results of changing their approach to IT, Van Guard are now pro-active rather than re-active in an ever changing IT world which is business critical.”



Testimonial from Matt Gifford

“You can only really understand the experience offered here, by getting yourself a suit made. And I would strongly reccomend it. From expert advice on cuts, fabrics and styles. To endless customisation and options, culminating in a top quality suit… You’ve just got to do it. Booking is required.”






Testimonial from a Client

“I was fortunate to work with Sarah through a period of growth and regular recruitment to my team at the time. I found she made it her job to understand not just the skills and experience that were needed for the roles, but also the type of person that was the right fit for the company and team, and us for them. If Sarah suggested I see someone as she thought they were ideal for us, I didn’t hesitate! It was a pleasure to work with Sarah and her company and she is and will continue to be my go-to recommendation for anyone I know looking for work or staff.”



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