What Is The Potential Impact On Your Business From Coronavirus?

What Is The Potential Impact On Your Business From Coronavirus?

Have you considered what will happen to your business if:

  • your staff can’t come to work?
  • people are banned from going out into public spaces? 
  • your customers stop purchasing products or services overnight? 

What contingency planning have you done? Are you being proactive or waiting for the crisis to happen?

Top tips 

Business Continuity Plan

Implement a detailed review of your business and how it might be impacted by the Coronavirus. Put contingency strategies in place for different events. 

Staff welfare

Have you implemented a clear policy for the welfare of staff members? Do you regularly keep updated with the changing government advice? Have you increased your cleaning regimes?


What different opportunities are available? Brainstorm the different ideas to look at ways you can either stabilise your company or increase sales. Can you become part of the solution to adapting to an altered way of life during this potential crisis period?


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