Crowds for Behind-the-Scenes Water Tours

Crowds for Behind-the-Scenes Water Tours

South West Water welcomed more than 400 members of the public to some of its sites during this year’s Heritage Open Days.

The popular tours on 13 and 14 September saw members of the public descend beneath a sea wall, climb a water tower and visit England’s largest hydroelectric power station in daily use.

Alan Hyde, South West Water’s Head of Community Relations, said:

“The public’s interest in our tours has been fantastic with nearly every event fully booked. Thank you to everyone who attended this year.

“We have participated in these events for over a decade. They are an opportunity to share with the public the hard work and investment that goes on behind-the-scenes.”


Heritage Open Days by South West Water


Kirsty Harding, from Bridgwater, who visited the Mary Tavy Hydroelectric Power Station, said:

“My Grandad actually used to work here over 60 years ago and joined the station after the war ended. Now I’m getting to walk in his footsteps and could just imagine him walking along the gantry, checking everything was running well. He was very proud to work here and often told me stories.”

Visitor to the Gun Cliff Pumping Station, Carol Earl, from West Dorset, said:

“The tour was a fabulous insight into what goes on under our town. You would never even know it was there. The tour guide was very personable and welcoming, thank you to South West Water for making this possible.”


Tavistock pump at Heritage Open Days


The tours, which this year included Roadford Lake Dam, Mary Tavy Hydroelectric Power Station, Gun Cliff Sewage Pumping Station and St Leonard’s Sewage Treatment Works, will return for the 2019 Heritage Open Day events.

South West Water serves 1.7 million customers in the South West and each day, produces 442 million litres of water that travels through 15,401km of pipework which, if laid flat, could stretch all the way to Australia.

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