Shelley Kelly – Helping Women Feel Incredible Every Day

Shelley Kelly – Helping Women Feel Incredible Every Day

Shelley Kelly helps women feel incredible every day. She saves clients time, money and energy through her styling service, and allow them to be the best version of themselves through the image they present. Her clients are more confident, feel better about themselves and have higher self-esteem.

Shelley Kelly said:

“I work with women to identify how they want to perceived by others – what do they want their own personal brand to be? – and then, together, we build a wardrobe which works for their lifestyle now and which will help them to achieve their goals. It is often transformational and the positive changes I see in my clients are inspirational!”

“I am passionate about helping women to understand the link between their wardrobes and their personal and professional wellbeing and performance, no matter their size, shape, age, personality or wallet. There is now a lot of research evidencing the link between what you have wear and how you feel and behave, and vice versa. This runs through everything I do and can have a huge impact on women in business.”

Clothing is a reflection of what we are thinking and feeling and every one of us attempts to say or hide something in the way we wear our clothes. When you meet someone, you are already forming an opinion before they say anything. Building and maintaining a personal brand, one which works with our professional objectives, is often overlooked, but with research showing that only 7% of a first impression is in the content of what we say and 55% coming from our appearance, taking a deliberate approach to how we present ourselves is essential.

As well as brand, Shelley explores some of the other common challenges women face: lack of time, exhaustion through keeping a multitude of plates spinning, lack of knowledge or understanding of their personal style or what suits them, weight loss or gain, returning from maternity leave and finding their pizzazz again, finding that perfect outfit for a special occasion and, most frequently, a budget to spend on themselves which is not bottomless.

Shelley’s own personal motivation is to build wardrobes that work for her client and their lifestyle.

A recent client said:

“Working with Shelley was a revelation. Until that point I hadn’t realised that my current wardrobe didn’t match my current needs. 70% of my clothes were for work but now that I work part time, 70% of my clothes should be more casual and toddler proof! No wonder I could never find anything to wear!”

Shelley also teaches new lifelong learning skills such as Smarter Shopping – buying the right things, buying less, making fewer mistakes and impulse purchases, which on reflection, don’t support your brand – and Smarter Dressing – coaching to discover your style, using your existing items in different ways, creating new outfits without spending lots of money – and always, coming back to being in control of their non-verbal communications and their wellbeing.

Shelley concluded:

“The publication of the 100 Most Influential Women in Exeter 2018 is a fantastic acknowledgement and celebration of the contribution that is being made by these incredible individuals in our local area. Having worked with many women and their insecurities, I am sure there will be some who feel that they are undeserving of being on such a list and that there has been some mistake! I’m sure there are others who have no doubt at all that they are in the right place!”

Whoever you are, all women are deserving of time and investment in themselves, their personal brand and their wellbeing. Shelley Kelly Style salutes you, Influential Women of 2018, and invites you to get in touch for a dose of bespoke styling advice to help take you even further on your amazing journeys.

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