Are You Looking After Your Future Self?

Are You Looking After Your Future Self?

Your deepest, most caring relationships will be based upon trust. Without trust, whether in your business or personal life, a relationship can’t move forward. When a relationship breaks down it will be because trust has gone.

But can your future self trust you to look after them?

A critical relationship you have, but probably don’t consider often, if at all, is the relationship between your present self and your future self. Not looking after yourself now will have negative consequences for the future you: smoking, a poor diet or poor lifestyle choices will create obvious future health problems, but many people don’t make their future a priority.

The same goes for financial decisions you do or don’t take today. Prioritising consumption today will make it harder for your future self to consume later.

The consequence of over spending on your lifestyle today is twofold: you aren’t putting enough away to live on in the future and you are creating a desired lifestyle that you may not be able to maintain.

If you wish to have the freedom to enjoy and maintain your ideal lifestyle in the future, you will need to make sacrifices today and start allocating money to long-term savings. I’m yet to meet anyone who regrets going without for the benefit of their future selves but plenty who regret not doing so.

It’s never too late to allocate money for the future, the more you do sooner the more your future self with be grateful to you.


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Andrew Neligan is a Chartered and Certified Financial PlannerTM and owner of Neligan Financial 

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