Integrating remote working into your business

Integrating remote working into your business

Many Exeter based businesses have embraced the hybrid work environment but while there are plenty of advantages to flexible working arrangements, there are a few challenges.  Perhaps the most obvious one is that working from home can attract many interruptions.  Our working ‘Homescape’ is often a shared space, combining family interruptions and sometimes noisy pets.

When dealing with connection and technology, two things need to be included in a new remote working strategy:  

  • Companies must ensure that remote connections maintain the same security as in-office connections. 

This is fairly straightforward; business owners must consider adding secure and reliable connectivity into remote worker’s homes. Not only to protect your company’s data but to ensure the expectation in the office is the same as for those at home. If you think about it, providing a remote worker with an internet connection that is suitable for your business needs is no different than providing a travelling employee with a mobile phone. 

  • Systems must be implemented so that remote and office teams have the ability to exchange and build on ideas freely and encourage the flow of information.  

The second requires businesses to fully commit to the digital transformation they’ve been toying with since long before lockdown began. 

A full-fibre network transforms business operations and allows a company to take advantage of the cloud. Faster speeds and impeccable tools and services completely mitigate the need for in house servers and remote VPN access. 

The likes of Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Zoom – these have all been commonplace business tools for some time now. However, what many don’t realise is that without an optimal connection, these tools are not being but to their maximum potential.  

We know that our IT partners have the tools and experience to transform a business, but it’s important that we don’t waste this opportunity to move forward. 

Fully committing to a full-fibre connection, is in turn committing to these tools and committing to your teams. Ensuring that each and every one is working together in a seamless and truly productive fashion…and whether this is at home or in the office is frankly irrelevant.  

Once a business fully opens itself up to the true potential of digital transformation and starts to affect positive change, only then will it start to reap the rewards…because if you don’t change something, then nothing is going to change.  

At Triangle Networks, we are an infrastructure demand builder, meaning we build networks in any area businesses need it, working with local and national IT solution providers as we go. We bring better connectivity to the places that don’t have it and we’ll be happy to speak to you about building your business a better network. To learn more, please visit  

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