The Recycled Candle Company Want Your Used Candles!

The Recycled Candle Company Want Your Used Candles!

If you’ve been lighting up your lockdown with candles, The Recycled Candle Company urgently needs your help!

As lockdown measures ease, owners Richard Hills-Ingyon and Sargon Latchin are asking anyone with a stockpile of used candles to either drop them off at the shop or pop them in the post so they can start production again.

Richard said:

“Lockdown meant donations pretty much stopped, and without the wax, we can’t make our recycled candles. But we know the wax is out there as we’ve had loads of enquiries from people desperate to give us their old candles.”  

man crafting candles

Credit Toward Next Recycled Candle Purchase

Any type of candle will be accepted, from pillars and candles in glass containers to tealights, scented or unscented. The wax is extracted, melted down and used to make new recycled candles and firelighters. Anyone donating will receive a credit towards their next purchase.

“The easiest way to donate old wax is to drop old candles at the shop. During lockdown we decided to give the exterior of the shop a makeover – it’s now an eye catching canary yellow and pretty difficult to miss!”

For the time being, Sargon will be manning the shop solo – so there’s plenty of time to donate ready for Richard to get back to full-time candle making when he returns.

“I’m delighted that in the first week of reopening I’ve arrived to find bags waiting for me at the door, filled with all sorts of used candles. But we definitely need more,”

Temporary opening hours are from 11am to 4pm with limits to customers allowed in at one time, and social distancing measures in place.

Drop off or post candles to: The Recycled Candle Company, 16 Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS.

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