RE4orm – A CIC Tackling Extreme Poverty

RE4orm – A CIC Tackling Extreme Poverty

RE4orm is a CIC based in Torbay, a geographical area which faces the significant challenges of extreme poverty and deprivation. Latest figures show that 6,000 children in Torbay are currently living in poverty. For example, a nine-year-old boy living in Torbay is 80% more likely to end up in prison than attend university.

Figures also show that a child living in Torbay, who fails to reach ARE (age related expectation) at 11 years old, is eight times more likely to be unemployed at 34 years old.
Torbay’s level of deprivation has risen in recent years from 21% to 29% of children living in poverty.

RE4orm was set up to help alleviate poverty and raise aspirations for local families. We have done this by creating a bespoke mobile hub, designed by the community, to be used for the community. The bus (a renovated double decker), has a kitchen, meeting area, library plus sensory area, designed to ensure early help and provision is accessible for all, no matter where you live.

RE4orm will provide accessible early help provision for both children and families.  Through multi-agency partnership working, our aim is to work with families and communities at the first point of need and maximise opportunities for them to achieve their potential without the use of long-term support or intervention.

Engagement sessions carried out in July and November 2019, found that families wanted to feel part of the community again. They hoped for positivity within Torbay and wanted their children to have far better chances than were currently on offer. Geographically, Torbay’s population is dispersed and this causes barriers to accessing services due to issues with transport and travel. The engagement sessions highlighted that there needed to be a hub of provision, one that was delivered for and by the community. 

In 2010, the Rt. Hon Frank Field MP published a report demonstrating that the experiences in the first five years of a child’s life, and the influence of the parents in that period, can define a child’s life chances. The report’s central message was that

“Nothing can be achieved without working with parents, enabling [them] to achieve the aspirations that they have for their children.” 

We are looking for help to get our mobile community hub out on the road and need funding to help us do this. Whether through a donation, CSR sponsorship or pledges, we would love your help.
Please visit and search for RE4orm Mobile Community Hub to donate or find out more.

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