Quay Fitness – Promoting Exercise For Health And Happiness

Quay Fitness – Promoting Exercise For Health And Happiness

At some point everyone has experienced the high that comes after a good workout; Even if you don’t regularly exercise you will still be aware of the feeling of achievement and happiness after a tough session. Exercise has been proven time and time again to transform not only your physical state but also your mental state.  Here at Quay Fitness we try to promote how much exercise can transform your happiness. As a small semi-private gym and Personal Training hub in central Exeter we are used to getting to know our members and clients very closely. Many of our members and clients see us not only as a place to physically get stronger- but also as somewhere to get stronger mentally.  Personal Training sessions can be a safe space to talk through worries and anxieties whilst focusing on improving your body and mind.

One of our long standing clients Laura said that her

‘Sessions honestly bring me so much happiness. I struggled with anxiety and low mood for so long and since regularly exercising and focusing on getting stronger I have really reduced my anxiety and feel so much better in myself. Honestly one of the best things I have ever invested in for my mental health.’ 

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One of our clients, Liam, even said that the thing that gets him out of bed on his harder days battling depression is remembering that he can come and smash a good training session and that he knows he will feel more himself afterwards.  

We have supported clients and members through divorces, bereavements, redundancies, mood disorders and the general stresses of life. A workout may seem just like an hour of torture to burn fat or get fit to some. But for many of our clients a simple workout is the only time of day when they can think about nothing else and can just release some endorphins. We even run outdoor group bootcamp sessions (Exeter Quayside Bootcamps) to make use of the beautiful Quayside and to link together the benefits that come from nature, being outdoors and exercise. In the summer, to make the most of this gorgeous part of Devon as well as the sunshine, we raise open one side of the building and transform into an outside gym!  We also try to create a community by establishing support networks for people in the local area and we had a large summer BBQ for all clients to celebrate this.

Gyms can be very scary for those struggling with their mental health and we aim to make the gym an inviting, friendly safe space for all. All of our Personal Trainers are trained to listen to their clients and really check on their mental as well as their physical wellbeing. One of our female trainers is the Devon representative for a nationwide charity called MentalHealthMuscle that promotes the importance of exercise and the gym for those struggling with their mental health. She overcame many years of struggling with depression and anorexia through finding a passion for helping others with their fitness and becoming a Personal Trainer. We have worked with the charity to host several group training sessions at the gym where people can meet likeminded individuals and make friends in a safe and supportive group workout. All of our Personal Trainers openly aim to raise awareness and promote a holistic wellbeing approach to fitness- that your mental state is just as (if not more) important than merely focusing on your physical health. 

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A workout or a Personal Training session sadly won’t solve any mental health conditions. But they can offer a supportive space to focus on yourself, prioritise your own health and happiness, and release some endorphins. We aim to have everyone smile as they leave the gym and to empower all of our members and clients to feel stronger mentally as well as physically. 

Quay Fitness Website: www.quayfitnessexeter.co.uk

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