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Private healthcare – Does A Business Really Need It?

Private healthcare – Does A Business Really Need It?

Yes starting a private healthcare plan requires a financial investment. But starting from as little as £5 per month the physical and mental health of your employees is priceless. Research suggests that businesses with an effective wellbeing plan in place outperform the market, meaning the benefits for business success far outweigh the cost. Many employees perceive it as extremely valuable and a reason for choosing one organisation over another.

Choosing the right provider

Understanding what you and your employees want from a healthcare scheme is incredibly important. It will cost money and therefore it must provide some form of return – that could be reduced absence or improved recruitment. As we often say in the healthcare industry our healthcare plans help you recruit, reward and retain staff.

Private Healthcare companies such as WPA, have both flexibility and affordability as a key part of their products and services. WPA is a not-for-profit health insurer that can tailor a solution for companies of all sizes, and could be a perfect fit for your organisation.

It’s a win-win investment. So why wouldn’t you?

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