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The Simple Solution to More Business

The Simple Solution to More Business

Imagine a company that could give you the most comprehensive up-to-date B2B leads to grow your business.  What impact would that have? Your first question might be ‘What do I do when I’ve got the leads?’. The answer to that is you don’t have to do anything, there’s a dedicated team who will take those leads and turn them into live paying clients for you.

Making Results Simple (MRS) may be the new kid on the South West block but arrives with the most powerful unique live Big Data lead generation database, that no other B2B lead generation company in the UK can provide. Self-confessed tech nerds, the brains behind the Big Data spent two years developing their system that has access to 4.78 million company records, 18.5 million company contacts and a constant live trickle of new data. Not only that, they can use up to 110 search filters across any business industry to tailor specific campaigns to your exact target market.


Making Results Simple (MRS)


You’re probably wondering who this disruptive team of data wizards are and how exactly do they give you paying clients?  MRS are an eclectic bunch of highly skilled sales, IT, customer service & business development executives who are passionate about growing business and celebrating with a good wine!  Always welcoming with a huge smile, they have a solution for every business with a 4-stage process that can be taken in whole or part to deliver the growth you need, within your budget.

There are also some exciting new adventures in the pipeline.  Most notably the launch of their exclusive B2B online network between service providers and a large existing client base of Limited Companies & SME’s,  Using enhanced technology to connect a mass volume of clients with hand-picked providers that meet their needs and their wants, will be the only exclusive free platform that supports targeted business growth.


Making Results Simple (MRS)


The exciting news is that their services don’t end there.  MRS partner with numerous wealth management, accountancy, payroll & recruitment companies and offer all of market payroll solutions to contractors, medical professionals, temporary workers, Limited Companies & SME’s.  These clients already make up the existing vast network who will be given exclusive free membership to and receive tailored campaigns from service providers.

So, the big question is, ‘What can MRS help your business with?’  You may already know but the best way to find out is to meet up, the old fashion way, face-to-face with a strong beverage.  The team will be at the South West Business Expo on the 14th November 2018 demonstrating how live leads are generated as well as introducing, but if you just can’t wait until then, give them a call.

They will also be hosting an exclusive launch event in the first week of December.  This isn’t like any other event, be prepared to enter an evening that will make you laugh, sing, dance be amazed by the opportunities it brings and meet a group of fantastic like-minded people.  To register your interest please email for date, info and your exclusive invite.


Making Results Simple (MRS)





Holly Martinez, New Business Executive – 07739976814

Nick Thomson, Senior Sales Executive – 07739979847

Ryan Smith, Senior Sales Executive – 07739971726 

Caroline Edwards, Assistant Director – 07446422260

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