Lightfoot & IAM RoadSmart Mark Anniversary of Business Partnership by Winning £1 Million Grant

Lightfoot & IAM RoadSmart Mark Anniversary of Business Partnership by Winning £1 Million Grant

A £1 million grant to support the development of connected vehicles in the UK is the latest milestone to be achieved by Lightfoot and IAM RoadSmart as they enter their third year of partnership together.

Lightfoot is the world’s first connected vehicle technology and rewards platform, which has been developed as an alternative to traditional telematics. It provides real-time visual and verbal feedback in-cab to enable a smoother and more self-aware driving style. IAM RoadSmart, with over 90,000 advanced driver members, has a wealth of knowledge
that is being applied to Lightfoot’s technology to improve its functionality and impact.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Lightfoot commented:

“The support we receive from Innovate UK and CCAV is helping us to not only make cleaner, greener and less costly motoring possible for ordinary drivers, but also make it fun, social and attractive.”

Richard Gladman, Head of Driving Standards at IAM RoadSmart, said:

“This partnership makes perfect sense because IAM Roadsmart and Lightfoot have similar objectives; to make roads safer, cleaner and greener by working with drivers of all ages to educate and improve their driving style.”

Gladman added:

“Lightfoot’s innovative technology, coupled with IAM RoadSmart’s human behaviour focused coaching, can help to effectively allow drivers of all ages to experience the benefits of better driving and to be rewarded for doing so.”

IAM RoadSmart’s approach uses a range of coaching and learning methods from in-car training to online modules and apps, utilising their 60 plus years of human behaviour expertise, and campaigning on behalf of drivers and riders in the UK. The latest success in the partnership was announced recently, when the government unit, the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), chose Lightfoot and its partners to receive around £1 million of funding.

The grant is part of CCAV’s mission to support and nurture the development of connected and autonomous vehicle technology, and to harness the very real opportunity for the UK to be a global leader in this sector. The funding is being delivered in partnership with Innovate UK.

Paul Gadd, Head of Automotive at Innovate UK also added:

“What we see with Lightfoot and IAM RoadSmart is exactly the kind of innovative technology development and growth from UK-based companies that we exist to support. We hope that this project will help in ensuring a harmonious and safe co-existence of both autonomous vehicles and traditional human-driven vehicles.”

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