Is it time you made a Will and protect the ones you love?

Is it time you made a Will and protect the ones you love?

This Spring, Hospiscare is encouraging people to get their affairs in order and help to support their local end of life care services at the same time.

17 different solicitors across Exeter, Mid and East Devon will be generously giving their time and expertise so that you can have your Will prepared or updated. Instead of paying the usual solicitor’s fee, you can instead make an appropriate donation to Hospiscare at your appointment.

In previous years Hospiscare’s Will Fortnight has been the incentive and encouragement many people have needed to get their Will made or updated. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that what you want to happen with your belongings after you die, will indeed happen. And Wills are not just about possessions.

Hospiscare’s Head of Fundraising Louise Beeken finally got round to making her Will after ten years of thinking about it:

“It was really easy,” she says of her experience. “The solicitors were very friendly and approachable and talked us through everything we needed to consider. They answered all our questions clearly and took their time to explain the legal situation… I had been working at the Hospice for years and every year I would fail to get my Will written. There was always some excuse: I couldn’t afford it, there were no assets to be concerned about or I was too busy. Then I was told that if I didn’t have a Will and my husband and I died together then there was a risk that our children could be handed over to social services. That was that! I booked an appointment immediately and within a fortnight it was done.

“Our affairs are now in order and we are in control of our children’s futures,” Louise says. “Should anything happen to me and my husband, our children will know that we cared enough to make sure they would be okay.”

In 2017 Will Fortnight raised over £14,000 for Hospiscare – valuable and much needed funds which helped patients and their families make the most of precious time together.

This year’s Will Fortnight will be taking place between 14th and 25th May. To receive a list of participating solicitors, call Hospiscare on 01392 688020, email or visit Appointments can easily be booked direct with your chosen solicitor so why not make this year the time to write your Will?

Hospiscare is a local charity, providing free expert care and support to people with a progressive life-limiting illness, and those close to them, in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

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