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Martin Shearer – Peace Of Mind

Martin Shearer – Peace Of Mind

Security is one of those things that, unfortunately, is often valued retrospectively. The industry behind domestic and commercial security is one which deals daily with after-the-fact purchases, following a compromise of some sort. If you ask Martin Shearer (MD of Tamar Security in Exeter) though, he’d probably be the first to convey the old adage that ‘prevention is better than a cure’.

Now thirty-four years old, Tamar Security was started by Martin’s fellow director Keith Southwell. Keith was an electrician, it was the mid-eighties and house alarms had started taking off in a big way. He had teamed up with a fellow tradesman and was due to open a security firm in the Plymouth area, hence the name Tamar Security. However, this plan never came to fruition, but the paperwork had already been done and the letterheads and business cards had already been printed so the business name stood.

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Keith was Exmouth-based at the time and, shortly after, took on a small commercial premises there, eventually staying in Exmouth for over twenty years and establishing a large and loyal customer base there (and in the surrounding area). Keith was later joined in the business by his wife Sara, the company then organically grew over the years, built on a reputation of great customer service and installing quality products.  Over the years there have been a few acquisitions, the first of which was eighteen years ago and the most recent of which was in 2011.

Martin explained,

“When we acquired an Exeter business, our company grew quickly overnight, so we started looking for new premises. At the time, there was nothing suitable in East Devon and a lot of the new client base were in Exeter (and surrounding areas) so we started looking in the city instead. We found our current offices on Sowton Industrial Estate and decided to make that our new home. That is how we came to be a company called Tamar Security, started in East Devon but located in Exeter!”

He continued,

“A common trend in our industry is that the original owner/managers of independent security companies have now reached retirement age and, in many cases, have not had anyone to pass the business on to, so have had to resort to selling their businesses. This has meant that there is an ever-decreasing number of independents in our industry – a crying shame if you ask me.”

Martin, also an Exmouth native, joined Tamar Security eighteen years ago, originally as an engineer. In the years since, he has worked diligently to expand his own skill set and learn as much as he can about his industry. This proactive and committed approach has led to him rising through the ranks to the position of MD, a journey which Martin was clearly proud of when reminiscing about it (and rightly so).

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He explained,

“It has been an amazing journey. The industry is ever-changing and, like any other, has its challenges as well as its opportunities. On a personal note, since becoming MD, finding a balance between a demanding job and my young family has been a learning curve. I spend lots of time on the seafront with my kids. That is absolutely a priority for me.” 

So, what exactly do Martin and his team at Tamar Security offer? Well, the technical answer to that question is that they are Electronic Security experts, specialising in both domestic and commercial CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, access control solutions and entry systems. However, the broader answer is that they provide individuals, families and businesses with peace of mind.

With seventeen employees – a mix of office staff and engineers – the folk at Tamar Security offer customers across the region effective security solutions with a personal and reliable service to boot. Martin told me,

“The majority of our solutions are bespoke for our customers. With a variety of off-the-shelf security solutions – Amazon Ring and Google Nest cameras to name a couple – we have to make sure that the systems which we sell, install and service offer real value for money and meet the actual security needs of our clients.”

Technology, as we all know, is progressing rapidly and conventional security systems, although still popular, are not always enough. Tamar are at the forefront of technology, utilising the latest in AI (artificial intelligence) technologies in CCTV to detect people not nuisance moving objects. They also install intruder alarms that can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Martin continued,

“Residences and commercial premises often need something more substantial and flexible than one camera on a front door. Due to most off-the-shelf solutions being Wi-Fi and cloud based, all it takes is a weak signal or a few thick walls for that solution to fail. By designing a specific solution for a particular property, we ensure that the system not only does the required job but is supported too. We always have one engineer on 24-hour callout (for contracted customers) and we also have guaranteed response times for our accredited systems.”

One of the considerable challenges in the world of security, Martin told me, is the constantly changing backdrop of industry standards and accreditations. Tamar Security take these incredibly seriously though, carrying the NSI Gold (National Security Inspectorate) ISO9001 Quality Management accreditations, as well as being fully up to date with all of the latest industry standards. 

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Martin asserted,

“We’re now looking to expand within the care industry as well as working with more businesses locally. Almost every business has to have an intruder alarm system for insurance purposes and most have a legal requirement to have a fire alarm, so there is a real need for them to think seriously about what systems they use and which company they work with to install/support that system.”

He concluded,

“If we can help clients to feel safe in their homes or premises, then we’ve done our job. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your fire and security needs have been understood and provided for is a huge part of what we do for our clients.”

To find out more about the solutions and services offered by Tamar Security, visit 

All content by Joff Alexander-Frye
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