Jordan Westcott: Let Success Be Your Noise

Jordan Westcott: Let Success Be Your Noise

“Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.”

-Frank Ocean


Wise words chosen by Jordan Westcott, Senior Technical Consultant at Timewade, and as is evident by his hard work and client-centric approach – words that he chooses to live by.

Jordan has ‘grown up’ in the business having started at the tender age of 16, he loves his job and it is reflected in the excellent customer service that he provides his clients.  We took some ‘time out’ recently to chat with Jordan, about his life in the world of IT and beyond.


By Stella Nicholls

Jordan you started at Timewade as an apprentice.  Tell us about the journey that you’ve been on, from starting out with little or no experience to where you are now?

I started straight out of school (St Luke’s in Exeter) as an engineer’s mate and shadowed an engineer, primarily on the phones, just basically watching and observing.  Gradually, as I grew more confident and gained some experience, I started fixing the smaller type of issues until I was experienced enough to take on more responsibility by going out on sites for visits, taking on the smaller installation projects.  I studied an IT Practitioners Course through Exeter College, which was one day a week, it was a two-year course which I managed to complete in eighteen months. The next two years really enabled me to work on my interpersonal skills, as coming straight out of school I had very little, so it was in meeting and working with clients, that I started building relationships with them.  I would jump at the first opportunity to make a site visit, I love that part of the role. We spend a lot of dedicated onsite time with each client every month and from there, I have built up relationships and became their trusted advisor.


Does that help you to offer them exceptional customer service?

Absolutely, because we start to get really involved in their business and have an in depth understanding of how their IT systems run, we are part of their team.  We intentionally grab a desk in the general office so we can pick up on minor things that might be mentioned in passing by the staff, things that may not even seem to be an IT issue to them.


What advice would you give to a person wanting to follow a similar career path as you?

The basics are important – being on time, being presentable and approachable, also open to change.  If I wasn’t open to change over the last ten years, there is no way that I’d be where I am now.    You’ve got to take hold of change and run with it. Prepare. Always prepare for meetings, appraisals, presentations, even if it means taking some of your own time to make sure that you are fully confident going in.  If you go the extra mile to get to your goal, it doesn’t go unnoticed within the business and your customers will see that too.

What does your current role as a Senior Technical Consultant involve?

The senior technical role ensures that businesses can leverage the maximum benefit out of their IT investment – it’s all about being proactive, reducing the reactive emergency and having a clear path forward – very much about strategy.   The role also involves leading a small team.


What are you passionate about, what drives you?

Relationships.  Having great relationships with my clients is important to me, in fact, one of my clients has become a good friend and we go on motorcycle trips and spend track days together. I ride a CBR500, a beginner’s sports bike but I’ve only been riding for three years, so it’s just about right for me and not too crazy.  I’m also passionate about travelling, the last three or four years have seen me travelling to Thailand, I’ve also been on a trip around Europe on the Interrail link. That was fun, my brother and I bought a train pass and hopped on and off the train around nine countries. Next year I’m planning on heading down to Australia with my girlfriend.


What are some of the highlights that you’ve experienced since working at Timewade?

Watching our clients grow and being a part of their journey.  ‘Onboarding’, as we call it or taking on a new client who may have been having operational difficulties and demonstrating how we can help them improve efficiencies, is immensely rewarding.  Then putting everything into action and watching it happen, it’s great being part of that. We have developed a very detailed onboarding process that is extremely efficient at bringing across new customers smoothly, which I’m proud of.

Also, being so integrated into a client’s team that they welcome you into their events – one time I won a client’s internal Christmas raffle!  Not sure how the other staff felt about me winning the competition but luckily there was more than one hamper up for grabs.

Every role has its challenges, what are some that you face and how have you overcome them?

Pressure! I normally have a huge number of tasks to remember and I stay organised by prioritising on my Outlook calendar.  It’s my number one tool, I’m always organising my day into ‘blocks’ of events, which the guys I work with seem to think is hilarious, but it works!  Communication within the team can also be difficult as well, as a lot of our guys are doing projects on site, so being able to communicate is important – we do a one-to-one each week to catch up.


Who has been the most influential person in your life, and why?

My brothers, I’m one of five, so have four older brothers.  They’ve been through a lot of different things and they always seem to have something interesting going on and because of that, they extend the invite to me.  So, I probably wouldn’t have done the interrailing trip around Europe or gone to the Glastonbury festival if it wasn’t for my brothers encouraging me to come along.  It’s important to do these things as it widens your view, especially if you have worked in a company, from a young age, as I have.


What does the rest of 2018 hold for you?

I hope to continue to grow in the leadership part of my role and help more clients succeed in their business plans.  I’m also hoping that my team will manage to grow and succeed at what they are working towards. It would be great to see Timewade nominated for a Customer Service Award or something – watch this space!


If you would like to chat to Jordan, give him a call on 01392 367676 or pop on to the website at


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