An interview with Matt Jenkins, Managing Director of

An interview with Matt Jenkins, Managing Director of

What is Help Steer My Career? is more than a recruitment site, it is a platform where individuals are able to come to learn, share and grow in their chosen career paths.  It is a place where recruiters and candidates meet from all across the UK, to seek and fill roles across all business sectors.

How do you help people in their careers?

Recruitment content is accompanied with articles relating to those roles and are contributed by like-minded professionals in the given field.  Two such professionals that support the visions of are James Caan, previously a Dragon on the popular TV show, Dragon’s Den and New York Time’s Bestseller, Dr Marshall Goldsmith.

What’s the ambition?

The website is designed to encourage entrepreneurs, help professionals and small business to grow and to network on all levels.

We want to inspire individuals to develop their career through self-motivated learning and development online; information on tap, at the click of a button.

What next?

We would love people from all levels to contribute to the site, a person with work experience is invaluable to adding pearls of wisdom to a new starter.  If you have a degree or qualification in a certain area, we would welcome your expertise to guide and mentor people on to the right path.

We are passionate about helping people to take the first step towards their career goal and to keep on stepping up that ladder towards their dream role.

How can people get involved?

If you have a contribution, are a recruiter, or are looking for some advice on a role that you have been thinking about, we welcome you to contact us, or simply browse the website to find what you are looking for.



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