Hawksmoor Fund Managers launch Global Opportunities Fund

Hawksmoor Fund Managers launch Global Opportunities Fund

Hawksmoor Fund Managers are launching a new Global Opportunities Fund on 18th September in response to investor demand.

The new fund will build on the track records of the company’s award-winning Vanbrugh Fund (launched 2009) and Distribution Fund (launched 2012). It will sit in the IA Flexible Investment sector, and will target investors with a higher tolerance for risk (see attached flyer).

To ensure that the overall Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) is in line with the company’s larger existing funds, Hawksmoor is capping the administration costs of the Global Opportunities Fund and paying all the legal set-up costs.

Senior Fund Manager Daniel Lockyer explained the rationale for the new fund:

“The catalyst for the launch of the Global Opportunities Fund right now is due to a combination of factors.

First – many financial advisers who currently use the Vanbrugh and Distribution funds as core holdings in their own risk-rated model portfolios have indicated a desire for us to manage a fund that sits higher along the risk spectrum.

Second – we as fund managers are recognising some interesting long-term structural growth themes that can only be incorporated in significant size within a fund that can tolerate shorter-term bouts of volatility and therefore does not suit the more cautious risk profile of Vanbrugh or the income mandate of Distribution. The recent volatility in Emerging Markets assets is a good example of where a fund like Global Opportunities can benefit.

Third – while investment trust discounts in general are much narrower than in previous years, there remain good opportunities for experienced managers to exploit.”

The Global Opportunities Fund will be managed by Senior Fund Managers Daniel Lockyer and Ben Conway.



About Hawksmoor Investment Management:

Hawksmoor Investment Management specialises in providing high quality discretionary management services for private clients including trusts, pension schemes and charities. Our award-winning Fund Management team manages multi-asset funds-of-funds and a series of risk-based ‘Model Portfolios’ for Financial Advisers.
With offices in Exeter, London, Taunton, Dorchester and Bury St Edmunds, Hawksmoor is a growing specialist investment and fund management business.

For more information, please contact: www.hawksmoorim.co.uk/

Hannah Isaac (Head of Fund Operations)
 01392 539422   

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