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Full Fibre Connectivity Helps The Generator Stay Ahead Of Demand

Full Fibre Connectivity Helps The Generator Stay Ahead Of Demand

The Generator, Exeter’s leading provider of coworking spaces, relies on fast and reliable Internet connectivity to support a 300 strong business community in two locations. It worked with CityFibre, the UK’s leading alternative provider of wholesale full fibre infrastructure, and its partner, Triangle Networks, to implement a future proof 1Gbps connection for its Town House location. 

Whilst the existing Ethernet connections at The Generator were initially providing a satisfactory service, ever increasing bandwidth demand and a requirement for an increased upload speed from new film, web development and marketing based customers generated a need for a faster and more reliable connection. Neil Finnie, Founder and Managing Director of The Generator said:

“The Generator was Exeter’s first coworking community and our central location on Dix’s Field was the first to open and now most days, between 70 and 80 people will be working there. All of them will want to be connected to the Internet and have bandwidth available throughout the whole day. As a coworking space we are very reliant on good Internet connections. When we first started, we had something like 17Mbps’. But as we grew, we needed better connectivity, so we moved across to another provider. While we did not have any particular issues with that, we wanted to provide a much better service to our users. 

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Neil continued:

“People expect to be able to upload as fast as they can download now and the upload speed that we had at the time was something like 10 or 15Mbps, even though we were getting up to 250Mbps down. It was not necessarily because we were experiencing any real problems at the time, nobody was really complaining, but we had a lot of people using Skype or Google Hangouts and that kind of thing and what we envisaged was that, if someone had started to use up a lot of bandwidth, that could have an effect on everyone else. What we also saw as a potential issue going forward was that, if we had companies that would maybe need to upload a lot of big files e.g. film-makers or developers, they would want a much faster upload speed. We did not want to lose those people because we did not have the connection speeds they would need. We also wanted to make sure it was there without worrying that if someone used a lot of bandwidth at any time, it would have an impact on anyone else.”

The circuit went live in May 2019 and the company is now looking at putting CityFibre gigabit circuits into its other building to ensure it can meet the current and future requirements of its community – for downloads and uploads and the provision of consistent, stable 24/7 connectivity. He added:

“Triangle and CityFibre have been great. They were always good at communicating and keeping us informed. It’s gone well and that’s why we are now talking to them about moving forward and putting a circuit into our building at The Quay as well,”

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