Exeter care homes are joining the zoom revolution

Exeter care homes are joining the zoom revolution

Throughout the lockdown period, a number of sectors have excelled in helping us stay connected. As video calling exploded for businesses, ‘Zoom’ quickly became a verb as the American web platform saw daily users increase to 300 million worldwide, with using it to stay in touch with family and friends as well as colleagues. 

As we look now to the other side, creating the new normal, businesses are integrating these new communication platforms into how they will work more permanently. 

What’s most interesting is that throughout this period, the rise of digital communications was driven not by an industry’s decision-makers but by the circumstances they’ve found themselves in. The care sector, as an example, has been quick to adapt in response to family visits being greatly reduced, employing video calling and online connectivity to keep residents in touch with loved ones. 

To service this new demand, Triangle Networks have a unique offer for care homes in Exeter, providing them with a free connection for up to twelve months to our Gigabit network. They now have access to ultra-fast broadband from CityFibre to help to increase the ability of elderly residents to stay connected. 

It’s often believed that the elderly are the limiting factor when it comes to digitisation in healthcare, that the lack of ‘tech-savviness’ in the population would make any cost too great as so many users lack the skills to benefit from the investment. But what we’ve learnt in the last two months is that users of all ages are open to the use of video technology to connect with family, who may be nearby, or very far away and unable to visit. They are perfectly able to start and manage video calls, and for those who are not, their carers are able to support as they do.   

I recall a time when visiting an elderly relative in a care home four hours away would be something that we’d do only once or twice a year. Each time we’d spend an hour at a nearby coffee shop and then say our goodbyes until next time. Looking back, this period of disconnect for many elderly people must be really challenging, when the time spent over a coffee was so great. Now, as the circumstances of visiting family members have changed, so has the need for better connectivity. 

It’s clear that the circumstances of Covid-19 have spurred a connectivity revolution in the care sector as much as it has in many others, with elderly residents embracing these new tools that keep them socially connected. As the sector embraces these changes and establishes their new normal, long disconnected periods between residents and their families will be a thing of the past. 

To learn more about Triangle Networks bringing CityFibre to care homes across the country and if the care home you look after is eligible please phone 01275 871122 or visit www.trianglenetworks.co.uk 

About the author:

Paul Anslow is the Managing Director of Triangle Networks, the company that brought Cityfibre’s gigabit fibre broadband to Exeter, lighting up networks throughout the city and connecting key areas to enable businesses to be more nimble, responsive and connected on a daily basis. 

This game-changing advance in digital connectivity is part of enabling Exeter to continue its push as a science and tech hub and centre for commerce and innovation.

Exeter can now boast some of the fastest internet in the UK, across a broad area including the Southernhay area and Marsh Barton. With over 500 businesses situated in business parks around these areas, the digital provision had previously not been sufficient to enable businesses in the area to flourish and work at their maximum capacity, debilitating new businesses moving into the area. 

CityFibre is the UK’s leading alternative provider of wholesale full-fibre infrastructure, bringing future-proof full-fibre connectivity to hundreds of Exeter businesses, underpinning the city’s next phase of technological transformation. They use modern build techniques to deploy the network quickly, managing disruption and ensuring a fast and successful rollout.

While bringing world-class service to the city, Triangle Networks has worked with the community and with a local focus, enabling Exeter’s established and emerging IT businesses to access and sell the new networks, giving them an alternative to the archaic existing options for connectivity in the region. 


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