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Exeter Businesses Join the UK’s Full Fibre Revolution

Exeter Businesses Join the UK’s Full Fibre Revolution

Exeter is set to do business at Gigabit speeds thanks to pioneering partnership between CityFibre and Triangle Networks.

CityFibre, the UK’s leading alternative provider of wholesale full fibre infrastructure, is unleashing the benefits of its gigabit-speed fibre network on businesses throughout Exeter in a partnership with specialist internet service provider (ISP) Triangle Networks.

Triangle has been working closely with CityFibre to develop a business-case for the expansion of CityFibre’s existing full fibre network in the city. The 18km network already addresses over 4,000 businesses, and now CityFibre will begin expansion into Southernhay, followed by connecting Exeter’s largest industrial estate Marsh Barton. This will bringing the network to the doors of hundreds more businesses, providing them with access to world class connectivity speeds of up to 1Gbps.

The development has been welcomed by Exeter City Council’s Head of Economy, Victoria Hatfield:

“Exeter has one of the country’s fastest growing economies and populations, and now full fibre will change how we work, live and socialise.”

She added:

“Full fibre will help Exeter businesses to be more productive and profitable. With Brexit getting ever closer, they need to start to think about accessing new markets, and having full fibre to their premises is a fundamental for trading internationally.”

The arrival of full fibre gives Exeter the chance to compete with more advanced fibre-driven economies in Europe. In Sweden, Stockholm has a higher proportion of people working in high-tech companies than any other European country. Spain has more than 80 per cent of premises within reach of full fibre. In Britain, the world’s fifth biggest economy, it’s a paltry three per cent.

Greg Mesch, Chief Executive of CityFibre said:

“Businesses in the city of Exeter have made do with out-dated digital infrastructure for long enough. Copper is dead and we now look forward to seeing full fibre unleash business productivity and drive growth in the city.”

“Triangle have already proven to be an amazing partner for us in spearheading the launch of Gigabit City Bristol and we’re looking forward to replicating that success in Exeter.”

With a full fibre connection and no copper wire to slow it down, businesses are able to access a new generation of business internet services. Running at Gigabit speeds, both downloading and uploading large files becomes easy and services are considerably more reliable than those that rely on old copper lines.

Paul Anslow, MD of Triangle Networks, said:

“It’s plainly nuts that while fast internet has transformed our social lives, many businesses’ connectivity is still steam-driven by comparison.

“Most companies in Exeter are gambling on a cheap sliver of copper wire to provide the internet access they need to survive.

“With full fibre these same business can instead thrive! Having future-proof internet is surely one of the greatest no-brainer business decisions of the century. The fact that you can currently get a Government voucher for its installation makes it even easier.”

The Government’s new ‘Gigabit broadband voucher’ scheme is now underway. The fund enables businesses to make the all-important step to full fibre connectivity and offset the installation costs by up to £3,000.

Businesses are urged to take advantage of full fibre simply by contacting Triangle Networks via:

About CityFibre

CityFibre is the UK’s leading alternative provider of wholesale full fibre network infrastructure. With major fibre infrastructure projects across 51 towns and cities throughout the UK, it provides a portfolio of active and dark fibre services to its customers which include service integrators, enterprise and consumer service providers, local authorities and mobile operators. CityFibre has recently partnered with Vodafone to bring ultrafast Gigabit-capable full fibre broadband to up to one million UK homes and businesses by 2021.

CityFibre is based in London, United Kingdom, and is privately owned by a consortium of Antin Infrastructure Partners and West Street Infrastructure Partners, a fund managed by Goldman Sachs.

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