Will Exeter Organisations Publish Salaries?

Will Exeter Organisations Publish Salaries?

Would Exeter business owners be red-faced if their organisation’s salaries were published? 

·         List of BBC’s top ‘On Air’ earners published, revealing huge gender pay gap.

·         Beyond the BBC, the gender pay gap is said to be 18.1%.  

·         When is differential pay acceptable? 

In July, the BBC was forced to publish the salaries of all broadcasters who earn more than £150,000. As has been well reported, the list was dominated by men. Of course, the gender pay gap is not peculiar to the BBC. UK-wide it is said to be 18.1% for all workers and 9.4% for full-time staff.

So what about businesses in Exeter? Would their owners and managers be left red-faced if employee salaries were published?

Belinda Newton from The HR Dept discusses the issue. 

“The BBC’s woes are only the latest high-profile case highlighting the gender pay gap. Equality legislation has been in place for more than 45 years, but progress towards pay parity has been painfully slow.” 

“At The HR Dept, we strongly advise against any form of discrimination. If a business ends up in a tribunal it will prove extremely costly. And discriminatory practice restricts the natural employee talent within an organisation, too.” 

“Employers in Exeter should note though, that there is not a blanket requirement to pay two employees the same amount. The law is concerned with specific acts of discrimination, of which gender may be one. Others may include age and religion. So, if two women were paid differently for doing the same job, and no other type of discrimination had occurred, then it would be unlikely the employer was breaking any law.” 

“Legitimate reasons for pay discrepancies could include material factors like performance, length of service or seniority.”  

If an employee has an equal pay concern, their first port of call should normally be their employer. Some businesses have secrecy clauses to prevent colleagues discussing remuneration. But be aware that these would be unenforceable if an employee is trying to uncover discrimination.

Belinda concludes:

“Gender pay gap reporting is a hot topic that’s going to get hotter. If Exeter employers think they have an issue, we advise seeking expert advice.”

For more about HR Dept go to www.hrdept.co.uk

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