First Week at Grow Marketing

First Week at Grow Marketing

A memorable day in the UK as we head to the polling stations for the general elections, also marks a memorable week for Grow Marketing as we celebrate our ‘first week anniversary’ with the acquisition of five new clients. We are delighted to have them on board and look forward to helping them grow their businesses using our marketing prowess.

We have had amazing support from the business community, the people we have reached through social media has grown from 0 to 67,020 in just a few days. The general feeling is that we are being chosen for our passion – we are hungry for their business, which motivates us to perform way above expectations. This coupled with digital marketing expertise and some fantastic tools such as Google adwords, social media marketing and web design tailored to meet our client’s needs, we feel positive that we will grow along with our clients.

The Brexit talks are just around the corner; who will be leading us out of the EU will be revealed in due course as the results from today’s election are announced. One thing that we are certain about is that Grow Marketing has what it takes to promote British businesses and we look forward to what the future brings.

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