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Douglas & Gordon Deploy Lightfoot Technology to Make Roads Safer

Douglas & Gordon Deploy Lightfoot Technology to Make Roads Safer

London estate agency improving road safety and protecting drivers with new technology

Douglas & Gordon has become the UK’s first estate agent to deploy Lightfoot’s innovative connected car technology in their vehicle fleet to increase efficiency and improve the welfare of their drivers.

Lightfoot’s award-winning technology, used by fleets across the UK, guides and rewards better drivers. Using Formula 1-style analytics, Lightfoot’s technology communicates directly with the engine and coaches drivers in real-time, using visual and audio alerts, to get maximum efficiency from their vehicles. Benefits include increased MPG, reduced accident rates and associated costs, reduced wear and tear, and improved driver safety, which enhances corporate reputation.

Martin Kadhim, Lightfoot Sales Director, said of the new relationship:

“D&G are sending a signal that driver safety has to be a top priority for businesses and we are so proud to support this commitment.”

D&G initially deployed the technology in a structured trial, conducted over two fortnightly periods – the first with Lightfoot running “blind” (only recording performance) and the second “live” (providing real-time feedback to drivers).

The results of the trial presented a compelling business case to D&G for a full rollout of Lightfoot’s technology across its fleet. In just two weeks of driving with Lightfoot, D&G’s drivers increased their MPG by an average of 18.8%, reduced driving penalties by 75%, and reduced harsh driving events (accelerating, braking, and cornering) by an average of 50.6%.

All of the above means that, thanks to Lightfoot, D&G’s drivers are improving their driving skills and staying safer on the roads – with the added bonus of reducing fuel costs and wear and tear.
Using Lightfoot, D&G can expect to achieve 5-figure savings in their fleet costs over the next year, as well as a reduction of up to 18 tonnes of CO2 from their carbon footprint.

James Evans, D&G CEO, said:

“Working with Lightfoot means we can be confident our reputation on London’s roads stays strong. We are committed to serving our communities in an environmentally-friendly way and reducing the impact of our fleet is a major step in achieving this.

With Lightfoot, we can have even more confidence that our drivers are looking after themselves and everyone else on the road.”

Kadhim added:

“As one of the capital’s most respected independent estate agents, D&G are renowned for being at the forefront of their industry and we are delighted they see the merits of partnering with a company of similar credentials.

Lightfoot will ensure D&G’s drivers are safe, smooth, and reducing fuel waste and emissions. Even better, their drivers will be rewarded through our Driver Perks package – getting discounts and deals on travel, experiences, tech, motoring, dining out, and much more.”

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