Leading Digital Marketing Agency Optix Solutions Launches Training Academy

Leading Digital Marketing Agency Optix Solutions Launches Training Academy

One of the South West’s leading Digital Marketing agencies, Optix Solutions, are launching a Digital Academy! Aimed at helping businesses improve their knowledge and digital skills, The Optix Digital Academy will be for all types of organisations from SMEs to larger corporations who want their employees to skill up in the latest in digital marketing technics.

Optix Solutions was started nearly twenty years ago at the height of the dot.com bubble with three university students trying to convince businesses that the internet wasn’t just a ‘fad’! Fast forward to 2019 and the Exeter based company have expanded to be well-respected masters in the field of digital marketing, working with leading businesses from all over the region including the Met Office, Ashfords Solicitors, Crealy and many more.

The Optix Digital Academy is the vision of founder Alastair Banks, who not only is one of the Directors of Optix Solutions but also a highly sought-after speaker across Europe on his digital marketing knowledge.

Alastair said:

“For the last couple of years I’ve been thinking a lot about the lack of skills in Digital in the South West. We’ve often struggled to find good people who are specialists in digital marketing and I know our clients have suffered the same. So many conversations have been had and so we started to formulate something very exciting in the background. We’re now ready to tell the world about it.”

The training sessions will give like-minded individuals with key goals a chance to meet and engage in moderate sized groups so that everyone will have a chance for their voice to be heard. This will give the learners opportunities to bounce their marketing campaigns off each other in a creative space!

Alastair continued:

“The Academy, quite possibly the first of its kind in the region, is all about up-skilling your team. Every month, new and exciting topics will be covered from all areas of Digital Marketing. One month you could be learning basic search engine optimisation, the next it could be video marketing.

“These sessions will be taught by leading professionals across the landscape.”

Alastair Banks of Optix Solutions.
Alastair Banks, founder and director of Optix Solutions

Rinny Frye has joined the Optix team to help implement and run the Academy to make it the best experience for those learning as possible.

Rinny said:

“I am so excited to be part of this new venture. Optix has the strength of their brand behind them so the Digital Academy speaks for itself as to what wealth of knowledge it can offer to businesses!”

Are you ready to have your marketing team upskilled? Spaces are going fast!

For more information on The Optix Training Academy please give Rinny at Optix Solutions a call on 01392 667766, email rinny@optixsolutions.co.uk or visit the Optix Academy website.

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Photo credit to Emily Fleur

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