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Crafty Cakes Celebrates 30 Years

Crafty Cakes Celebrates 30 Years

Crafty Cakes in Exeter celebrated their 30th birthday this month and what do you need for any celebration….cake, and that’s just what Crafty Cakes had lots of when they celebrated by hosting a party last weekend.

1988 saw the birth of Adele, Rick Astley hitting the spot with Never Gonna Give You Up, Red Dwarf landing on our TV screens and the start of what was to be a very successful business in Exeter.

Becky said:

“We are proud to have been designing and baking cakes for 30 years, we have seen many businesses come and go but thanks to what we offer we are thriving.”


From left to right are Becky Wootton, Jane Burton, Sam Brookman, Becky Cuming, Nikki Brown, Gill Meredith and Hannah Hackett-Brown


Becky Cuming took over Crafty Cakes in 1996 having worked for the business since 1989.

“It was an opportunity I could not turn down. Together with my husband Adrian we have run the business since then with a passion. We love what we do.”

With a dedicated team of skilled cake designers and sugar craft artists all having their own individual areas of expertise, the choice of cake for any celebration can be a difficult one. So what does a cake designer choose for such a special occasion?

“We started off simple,” said Becky. “We love cakes with lots of fine detail but sometimes you can’t beat a straightforward classic but then we pulled out all the stops because we have the skills to make the best. And that’s just what we did with all the specially designed cakes made to showcase our 30 years.”

We have built up an exceptional reputation for quality and friendliness and our personalised cakes for all occasions are something we are very proud of for both personal and business customers alike.


Becky Cuming and Bea from Montgomery Primary School who won a cake design competition we ran with the school, they are pictured with her cake freshly baked!

Becky continued:

“I’d like to thank all our customers for their tremendous support over the years, we could not be here without them, thanks to them I get to do something I love everyday.”

Find out more about Crafty Cakes on their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest cake delights.

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