Clear Property: Kelly Forrester – One Year On

Clear Property: Kelly Forrester – One Year On

Written by Tracey Duke

Photography by Pip Andersen

Authenticity is this year’s buzzword; you only have to look to social media to prove that.

If there’s one woman who jumps to mind when I think of its deeper meaning, it’s Kelly Forrester; an Exeter businesswoman who whose reputation is built on a firm platform of transparency and authentic, honest communication.

The last twelve months have seen the award-winning founder of Exeter’s Clear Property and Clear 3D, scoop numerous awards, including a prestigious Exeter Living title and a listing as one of Exeter’s 100 Most Influential Women.

On the anniversary of ten years in business, 2017 also saw her win a coveted national title, securing her position as a respected, thought leading figure within the industry.

But her success doesn’t stop there.  The 2017 launch of Clear 3D; a new, immersive venture embracing world-class, cutting-edge, digital technology has seen promising growth within the city and beyond.

“Clear 3D is a new era of digital technology which essentially creates a powerful, virtual reality, immersive experience inside a building or space of any business” she explains. “The 3D showcases are absolutely the way forward; as a marketing tool, its capabilities are mind-blowing!”

As if that wasn’t enough, on the back of Grow Exeter’s 100 Most Influential Women initiative, Kelly has recently announced her plans to launch an exclusive, invitational, academy for high achieving women in Exeter.

“I feel passionately that all women should be able to achieve what they want in life” she enthuses. “The Empress Academy will create a powerful platform for growth, that can then be used to empower and support other women within our communities and businesses. I truly believe that we, as women, are stepping up and making an incredible difference in the world; it’s a movement I’m committed to supporting”.

With an official launch night planned for November, the Academy is set to open its doors in January 2019. “My vision for the academy is to empower each and every woman who joins us. I want them to take away new ways of working and thinking, so they can, in turn, bring that passion then back into their workplace and the city” she explains.

Despite her success, Kelly is no stranger to challenge; she’s certainly seen her share over the year. “When you set the bar high, you’re always going to have to face challenges. But you have to have the mindset to overcome them and push through. Some (challenges) will be really tough and test you to your limits, but I promise that you, will be all the stronger for facing them”.

Listing Emily Watson, Meghan Markle and Richard Branson as her influencers, Kelly is adding a powerful voice to Exeter as a whole. “I absolutely love my city and our business community; the support and encouragement we give each other is remarkable. When I commit to something, I truly give it my all and will stop at nothing to see its success. I’m utterly committed to playing my part in keeping Exeter on the map and to its continuous growth”.

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