Backworld Has A New Backer

Backworld Has A New Backer

Backworld, the South West’s leading supplier of ergonomic office chairs, desks, accessories, and reclining chairs, has a new owner.

Paul Skinner talks about the business which is well known in Exeter and has been trading from its shop on Topsham road for many years.

Do I have to have a bad back to benefit from a Backworld chair?

No! You buy a high performance ergonomic chair to prevent back problems developing in the first place! It’s an investment in your health, and against pain, lost work time and money spent on repair in the future.

Do you just sell to businesses?

We sell a lot of product to employers who understand the value of their employees using high performance furniture. Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the biggest causes of sickness absence from work, and good seating also increases productivity. However, a lot of our customers are buying them for home. We also have some wonderful recliners for when the work is done.

What products do you sell?

We have RH chairs from Sweden, Varier and Hag from Norway, Salli from Finland and Conset sit stand desks from Denmark. There’s something about Scandinavians; they consistently deliver high quality, great looking products.

We also have Ergochair from Gloucestershire; a great British product than can be adapted to fit pretty much anyone perfectly.

Why not check out our range of uber cool looking Mesh chairs.

Our recliners are Conform from Sweden and Tajoma, a family owned company in Valencia.

So, high performance chairs and sit stand desks, is that all there is to good posture?

Well it’s a good start, but we need to promote a more holistic approach to life in general. Walk to the shop, understand what you’re eating, do yoga, swim, stand at the bar! Some people have musculoskeletal problems that will require the work of a healthcare professional. I want to create some sort of ‘hub’ that anyone can go to for all sorts of healthcare advice, and we’re working with people who specialise in all these fields.



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