5 Reasons Why You Should Be Out Networking…

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Out Networking…


Networking can be an extremely valuable way to develop yourself and your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should be out there networking…



1. Connections

One of the most obvious benefits for networking is the business connections you can make. Whether this be from obtaining new clients, building stronger relationships with existing clients or growing a network of professional contacts. Every person that you meet may offer a chance to further your career and business.

2. Opportunities

There is an abundance of opportunities available to you through meeting with like-minded business people. Whether this be through joint ventures, new career options, client leads, collaborative arrangements or marketing opportunities… all of which could lead to something incredible!

3. Confidence builder

Attending a networking event can seem a daunting prospect if you aren’t a social butterfly, but it is a great opportunity to practice pushing yourself to talking to new people. Building confidence will not only help your career but also aid in your personal development.

4. Making friends

You can never have enough friends, right? Networking allows you to meet people that you may not have crossed paths with otherwise and is an opportunity to make friends for life!

5. It’s fun!

Often networking events are geared around activities that you would have never imagined experiencing. Chocolate making, dragon boat racing, aqua park assault courses… to name but a few.


So, get involved, enjoy yourself and make some long-lasting business relationships and friends along the way!


Written by Katrina Cheung, Chartered Accountant

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