Security Specialists Provide Aerial Filming Plus Surveillance Training at Plymouth Science Park

Security Specialists Provide Aerial Filming Plus Surveillance Training at Plymouth Science Park

Criminology students are gaining a fascinating, first hand insight into the world of surveillance and counter surveillance, thanks to a team of specialists based at Plymouth Science Park.

Shield Business Group is working with the University of Plymouth to promote an in-depth understanding into the realities of surveillance work – including how to use covert listening devices and cameras.

Managing Director Jamie Haigh has decades of experience working within differing aspects of the industry (including the protection of celebrities). It’s not just undergraduates benefiting from the outstanding training provided by the Shield Business Group – the team can offer a variety of courses designed to allow participants to gain a BTEC qualification.

Trainers encourage participants to develop the key observation and surveillance skills necessary for gathering intelligence and also to teach them in law and human rights so students gain a deep understanding of the legislation surrounding security work. The company also provides training in Health and Safety, First Aid and even drone operating – which is also an expanding part of the business.

Jamie explained:

“We set up Shield Media Services as we are qualified to use drones and have found a strong demand for our services as we can film special events and also undertake surveys. For farming, drones can map areas to highlight parts of a field which may require additional irrigation or fertiliser as it becomes easier to spot issues from the air.”

“Likewise, we’ve found our fleet of three top of the range drones are excellent for the construction industry where we can use them to mount inspections. We’re also working closely with the region’s premier estate agents to use drones to promote some of their most prestigious properties.”

Ashley Hughes, Director of Shield Media Services, said:

“It’s demanding and challenging work and requires a lot of commitment, but in return I get to do what I love, stay at the cutting edge of the industry and continue to grow personally. Dedication and flexibility are instrumental to any growing business and our determination to provide outstanding client satisfaction combined a drive to genuinely be different from ‘the rest’ is resulting in a winning combination.”

The team decided to locate at Plymouth Science Park as they found the 25 acre site at Derriford has a real ‘buzz’ to it.

Jamie continued:

“There is a lot of synergy with other businesses at PSP. Working in close proximity with so many other like-minded people and businesses means there’s a clear synergy between companies. Plymouth Science Park is a well-designed area with a feeling of enthusiasm, excitement and energy. It’s easy to make links with other people on the site as everyone is looking to push business forward to the mutual benefit of each other.”

Shield Business Group is also proud to have established free pediatric First Aid for parents in the Plymouth area:

“It’s important as it makes a difference and we feel it is hugely beneficial for the local community.”

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