Plymouth Science Park Firm’s Lifestyle Coaching Detox Packs a Punch to Boost Your Performance

Plymouth Science Park Firm’s Lifestyle Coaching Detox Packs a Punch to Boost Your Performance

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Improving your health is the goal of a Plymouth Science Park based company, Primal Life, which is using a host of psychological and physiological approaches to reduce stress and improve lives.

Holistic Health Coach Lester Savage’s new book ‘Becoming Biochemically Sober‘ is proving to be exceptionally popular. It focuses on seven key practices – all designed to boost physical and mental well-being.

Lester set up his business, Primal Life, along with James Holden whom he met when studying at the University of Plymouth.

Primal Life’s approach is based on concept that our physical development has not significantly altered over the past few thousand years and, as such, we can respond to stressful events by wrongly utilising our so-called ‘primitive brains.’

Primitive brain thinking can often lead us towards engaging in activities which are not conducive for our health – everything from overeating through to smoking and staying for too long on the couch!

Lester said:

“The background for the book and the course we run was based on the success of the first client – me!

“Seven years ago, I was more than 22 stone in weight and had depression with anxiety. Reading and gaining an understanding of how the brain worked allowed me to completely transform my life – something we now help other people to do.”

“The past seven years are just the beginning. There’s more knowledge being gleaned all the time into both the workings of the brain and the body which we incorporate into our work so we’re able to provide the latest, up to date research and thinking for our clients.”

Their methodology focuses on combining key elements which include: hypnotherapy, meditation, breathing techniques, movement, nutrition, and sleeping. They say clients who follow one or more of these principles can see improvements to their lives.

Lester qualified as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner in 2014 and has found it to be strongly complimentary to his additional work in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Both these therapeutic techniques, when used with other proven approaches, has led them to develop the on-line Primal Life course – which is available for clients at £297.

They’ve already received a number of incredible testimonials for the success of the course which includes 60 to 70 videos, a workbook, a relaxation MP3, phone support and the Primal Life Journal.

Putting together its content involved researching techniques and approaches found in more than 300 books.

Primal Life’s location at Plymouth Science Park is crucial as it provides excellent networking opportunities together with the ability to work and meet clients in a professional setting – all within the context of a peaceful backdrop of woodland and stunning views.

James explained:

“PSP provided us with an excellent start up package which is proving to be good value for money. The name has global recognition and the site itself is dedicated to science which is the crucial key component in our approach as we use scientific methodology to be able to help people better themselves.”


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