This Is Your Life…Be The Star Of Your Blockbuster Movie

This Is Your Life…Be The Star Of Your Blockbuster Movie

It’s a strange habit that we can get into, lamenting over a time when we felt great, looked great, were spontaneous and fun and then we sit back and hope that it will happen to us again.

You could be waiting a long time… your whole life even…if you just wait for things to happen to you.

It’s possible to take control and make that change happen by becoming the Director of your life.


Simply by creating a movie in your mind. A Blockbuster movie, and you have the starring role. Build the picture of who you want to be and a storyboard of how you want to be and step into it.

Change can feel uncomfortable at first, but when managed well it becomes exciting and all so possible. It starts with a new perspective, an emotional shift, letting go of the past and stepping into your future – with confidence and a new outlook on your world.

At first tools and techniques will help you make the change consciously, until the new way just happens unconsciously, as quickly and as naturally as blinking and breathing.

Working with one client three years ago now, we utilised this technique, walking along his timeline into his future as a non smoker. The impact was so powerful to him that he stopped his 40 year habit and never smoked a cigarette again.

The you YOU want to be is already inside and is waiting for you to step inside and live your best life.

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Jessica is a Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. GHR Acknowledged Supervisor and Peer to Peer Group Mentor. Helping people to let go of anxiety, stress and unhelpful habits.

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