Telling the Truth About Creativity

Telling the Truth About Creativity

Elephants in the Room is a new kind of consultancy that solves issues within organisations and develops individuals and groups. This latest two day open workshop focuses on emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creative thinking.

Natalie Wilkie, founder of the new Exeter-based consultancy, Elephants in the Room said:

“Most people don’t think they’re creative. They stand back and allow others to bring the ideas, make the decisions and take the glory.”

“But they don’t have to because the great untold secret of creative thinking is that it’s a skill, not a talent. That means you can learn it, and practice it. The more you practice, the better you get at coming up with great ideas.”

Natalie’s new venture draws on an unusually broad raft of professional experience. On the one hand, as an ex head of digital and account director, she’s run creative campaigns for the likes of Sony Pictures, BMW, the Royal Mail and Proctor & Gamble. On the other, as an counsellor and psychotherapist, she’s worked to help many clients including within the NHS and secure institutions.

Elephants in the Room offers training in creative thinking and innovation. For these courses, Natalie teams up with organisational development consultant Clare Pluck, whom she met while working as an innovation consultant at the Met Office. Clare has many years experience developing and coaching teams, facilitating and leading cultural change.

Natalie continued:

“The course is for people who don’t see themselves as creative, and companies that want to boost their ability to innovate. It brings together the principles of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creative thinking, and shows how amazingly effective they are when used in combination.

“These are highly effective, proven tools. To give anyone – whatever their job – the ability to play a more creative and fulfilling role in the future of their organisation.”

“This is quite a challenging course. It’s not something you can breeze through with your mind in neutral. People leave the course thinking differently about the influence of emotion in their lives, with a fresh perspective on their potential for growth and success.”

8 & 9 June 2018 – 2-day Innovation and Creativity workshop, RAMM Exeter Contact or call 07444 536080


Elephants in the room is a collective of experienced professionals with a range of complementary skills and expertise. We select people for what they bring to the project and hand-pick our teams to match our client’s needs.

Website includes more information on the workshop:

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