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Self-Awareness is Going On All the Time…

Self-Awareness is Going On All the Time…

But who wants to pay attention to each incoming thought, every pattern of behaviour and all their likes and dislikes – each waking moment? And I’m not talking about social media! It would be exhausting, wouldn’t it?

So, when could be a great time to sense check your levels of self-awareness or, is waiting for something to go pear-shaped in your life a prerequisite?

After all, who’d want to engage in activities that could improve their overall wellbeing – let alone find the time to participate.

Sarah invites you to consider that: “Self-reflection can be fun and doesn’t have to be spoiled with endless analysis”. Wellbeing is about prevention; looking after yourself emotionally and physically is often a lifestyle practice. And a choice. So anytime is as good a time as any.

What’s our philosophy about?

SanArtina is about delivering personal development activities and products, which bridge the gap between science and spirituality. And by that, we mean that some of us aren’t up for either.

SanArtina sits somewhere in between and is more about learning to communicate better with ourselves and in turn, with the people around us.

Our unique self-awareness workshops ideally cater for 4-20 people. Events can be held on company site, at a venue and even in the comfort of your own home. No special equipment required, just bring along a sense of humour and an open mind!

To find out more call Sarah on 07785921875 or Facebook @Emotional Sandwiches

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