Retaining Top Talent

Retaining Top Talent

Sarah West Recruitment discusses how to employ and retain top talent.

When we start working with candidates, a question we often ask is “what do you value most in your current or most recent job?”

I recently had a closer look at the answers and in at number one was “the team” with 40% of candidates saying this was the thing they valued most. Being surrounded by supportive colleagues is important.

Also, in the top four were “the company”, the role was “challenging and interesting” and “I enjoy it”! This one’s always music to my ears!

It’s also key to get the recruitment right as one of the top reasons for leaving a new job in the first six months is because a candidate felt the role they took isn’t the job they ended up doing. The organisations I work with who are the most successful at onboarding and retaining their top talent have:

  • An accurate job description and person specification for the role
  • A well-structured, normally 2 stage, recruitment process that runs smoothly
  • A well thought through induction programme
  • Ongoing training
  • A commitment to staff development
  • A desire to listen to their staff and welcome their feedback
  • Supportive and approachable management

It’s about really honest and clear about your business, your working style, what you can offer and your culture during the interview process.

If you’d like our team to help make your recruitment as smooth and as stress-free as possible – I’d love to hear from you!

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Photo by Claudio Hirschberger on Unsplash

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