We All Know That Attitude is Contagious, Right?

We All Know That Attitude is Contagious, Right?

Written by Sarah Knight, Director – Sarah West Recruitment

If you are a Manager or a Company that gives a lot, it stands to reason that you’ll receive a lot in return. Offer a great combination of salary, package, development opportunity and working environment and it’s likely that in return you’ll have a happy, productive, loyal team?

Offer the bare minimum and it’s likely the opposite will be true.

It’s a dated approach to offer ‘what you can get away with’ in terms of salary if you want to motivate and retain your staff a better strategy would be to offer the salary they are worth, taking into consideration market rates. Whilst I appreciate there’s a cost implication, surely the cost of replacing key staff is greater?

Savvy companies these days are offering a competitive benefits package, in addition to a good salary, with perks to shout about it’s now the ‘norm’ to be offering enhanced holiday, birthday day off, Christmas shut down, lunchtime fitness classes, free fruit, weekly team meals, regular socials, personal training budget, healthcare etc.

If you aren’t offering, or getting similar perks – maybe you need to be talking to us for some guidance on your
package or your career?

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