Hiring? Job seeking? Learning from 2018

Hiring? Job seeking? Learning from 2018

I’ve been looking back at the numbers from 2018 – here are a few points that you might find useful from the last 12 months!

Competitive job offers are important

In 2017, 1% of our candidates made a job offer, didn’t accept. This rose to 15% in 2018 – usually because they’d been offered something more attractive from another company.

The shorter the process – the better!

2018 saw more candidates dropping out of a recruitment process to accept a job elsewhere than in 2017 – usually because the process was taking too long. Things move quickly in this market – bear this in mind to keep the right people in your process.

Candidates coming direct – on the up

Our reputation for delivering continues to grow and because of that more candidates are coming to us direct. Over half of 2018’s placed candidates came straight to us – as opposed to finding us via advertising (through a job board). This means we have access to talent that others don’t.

All things jobs!

We’ve had a great 2018 – helping more candidates and clients than ever before. Job offers, placements, candidates registered and jobs we worked on were significantly up on 2017.

The future’s bright

2019 looks set to pick up where 2018 left off for us – very much on the up! And it’s the same for Exeter and the surrounding area. Unemployment’s low, the University is the UK’s 25th fastest growing organisation and the City has the ‘9th healthiest High Street’ to boot!

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