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Vision Passion and a Game Plan

Vision Passion and a Game Plan

Today I want to chat with you about Vision, Passion and a Game Plan. If you want to develop a business that is a Gazelle or High Growth Business, these are critical.

You may remember how we defined a Gazelle Company in previous posts. So we said a Gazelle is often identified as high-growth company which have grown by at least 20% up to as much as 35% per year each year over the preceding 3 years and are characterised by their growth rather than their relative size. The key being Gazelles are businesses that are focused on growth that is rapid and sustainable.

So firstly what is vision? I am not talking about a vision statement here.
You could define vision as the ability to think about and design a future destination which provides the direction in which your business should travel. It is the ability to ‘see’ a place you want to take you business. Of all the successful companies I have research, both big and small, I can’t give you one example of them not having a vision.
Of the companies and organisations which I have researched that have failed, the majority have failed due to a lack of a clear vision. They they had either lost their way or did not know where they were going in the first place.

You see, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever know which products and services you need or which clients you should be targeting. How will you know what you geographical limitations are or what opportunities exist in the market place? If you don’t know where you are going anywhere, any product and service will do!
A solid and clear vision should be the guiding light in the distance which gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you going when life throws you curve balls.
But how do you develop a vision?
It starts by understanding why you have started your business or why you would to star a business. For example, an accountant in London I am working with had started his business to provide a secure retire plan for him and his spouse which he did not believe his corporate job at the time would provide and this had to be in place by the age of 60. That was his ‘why’. The emotional reason behind what he is doing. It drives him every day to do the things he needs to do in order to achieve that vision.
So what is your vision for your business? What is the why behind that vision? Do you have a vision or destination in mind? I know of someone who has the vision of relocating to an other country. That is a massive why!

Let us talk about passion.
Passion in this context is the emotional driver which causes you to move in the direction of you vision. It is one of those incredibly difficult things to define, but you know when you are passionate about something. It is about remaining enthusiastic and committed whether you are achieving your goals or not. It means you remain focused and look to get better all the time at what you are doing. It means never giving up or blaming other people when things go pear shaped.
So in you business, what are you passionate about? Delivering great service to you clients? Under quoting and over delivering? Ensuring justice form you clients? What is it that raises you emotions to get you going and doing the best you possibly can? What is it that keeps you going when people around you say you can’t?
A solid vision and passion will make you unstoppable.
So what about a game plan?
The accountant I mentioned earlier know that he need the business to reach a certain level of income and certain staff compliment. He knew what products he would need to have available and the expertise that was need in the practice. He had a an exit strategy, a financial strategy and a marketing strategy, all of which fitted neatly into the overall business strategy. He had a game plan for how he was going to get to where he is headed.

A game plan is more than a business plan. It is a document which defines not just the long term activities of the business but the medium and short term activities as well. It define the stopping off points along the road which which will allow you to check whether you are on track or off track. The best game plans are those that define daily activity and are adapted to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis. Some people call it a war chart and see themselves in a daily battle to make their dreams or vision become a reality. Some people call it a road map and see it as the route the travel from where they are to where they want to be.
The question is, do you know what you need today and tomorrow to make your goals for next week, next month, next year become a reality? You can’t have a vision and no plan for achieving that vision. That does not even begin to make sense.

So if you want to build a Gazelle company or have any ideas about being successful in business, there are 3 things you will need to start with. Vision, passion and a game plan.
It has been great chatting with you today.

Written by Vic Williams of The Audacious Co.

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