I.T. Suppliers, Key Recommendations

I.T. Suppliers, Key Recommendations

From the single person business to the largest multi-national, IT is fundamental in the day to day operations of a business and getting the correct IT advice from the start will make your business efficient and save costs in the long run.

A key decision in using IT is to plan from the outset – sourcing good support and with their expertise they will guide you in making considerations on using the correct hardware (PC/laptops), software (programs and online services), preventative processes and procedures as well as business policies to control all of these.


Your IT Support should be in place from day one helping you set out a plan of how your business will use IT also, creating policies and deciding best practice. These policies will help with the day-to-day running by setting limits on data access, control and manage data and communication security. In its simplest form the policy needs to state all staff responsibilities and set guidelines for use and misuse.

Choosing a good IT supplier is a difficult decision, but foremost you will be looking for someone whom you can trust and who has the appropriate skill sets. Choose a support company that can show it supports similar sized businesses to your own and ask for references and follow these up. Enquire with these references how responsive the support has been for them and if there are any aspects of the support that have been lacking. Expect good communication from your support, both in terms of phone and email responses.

Once chosen we would recommend that you fully understand the offering of any contract such as length of contract, what it covers and what it excludes. Look at response times and hours of service and check they have liability and professional indemnity insurance. Ask for information on their business continuity and disaster recovery options and if either of these are included in the contract or as an additional cost.



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