Change, Comfort Zones and the Power of “Yet”

Change, Comfort Zones and the Power of “Yet”

Written by James Court 

When we venture outside of our comfort zone it’s often where the magic happens, is that your experience? 

It’s certainly mine, however, why does it so often have to be a painful or difficult internal process?  

As September arrives, we often associate this time of year with new beginnings, Summer is ending, a new school year begins, and we all have a sense of expectation as we move towards new seasons of life. 

We have all been forced to adapt to change lately. This has made me reflect on what happens to me personally when I step outside my comfort zone.  

Developing a Growth Mind-Set has become a game-changer for me. 

The acclaimed psychologist, Carol Dweck, whose Ted Talk has been viewed millions of times and whose research has transformed many leaders and education systems, has famously brought this to life for so many of us. With the concept of the power of “yet”. 

A few weeks ago, I was helping my little girl with some crafts, and I said, “It’s no good; Daddy just can’t do it”. She looked up at me, took my hand and said, “Daddy…. you just can’t do it yet”.  I felt the tears fill my eyes and gently took her hand back and said, “Sweetheart you’re totally right!”  

Many of us are subconsciously wired to feel a sense of fear if we fail at something. This fear of failure drives us away from taking that leap out of our comfort zone. Fear of looking like a fool, the fear of the unknown, the fear of someone saying to us “I told you so” or worse, the fear of being rejected. 

It was Edison (who created the lightbulb) that famously said, “I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” 

How we frame this is so important. We can choose to re-wire our brains to the concept of the power of “not yet” the concept that I can learn new skills and develop. The talents and gifts that I’m born with are not my lot in life. I used to say that “I’m just no good at DIY” I had subconsciously embedded this in my psyche. I have since taught myself that changing my “mindset” from fixed to growth has allowed me to personally develop in this area and learn new skills, opening new doors I could never see in myself. 

My challenge to us all in our businesses or in our personal lives is to embrace the power of ‘yet’ and explore developing a growth mindset in areas that take us outside of our comfort zones.

To look at failing as a learning experience. One that can propel us into new and exciting beginnings! 

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