Business Phone Services, Key Recommendations

Business Phone Services, Key Recommendations

Being a single person business or small business no longer excludes you from appearing professional when clients call. Consider how you would like your calls managed when you are either busy or out of the office. You should consider that around 80% of callers will not leave a message or call back, so make provision to monitor missed calls to allow a quick call back. One consideration could be to use a Virtual Call answering Service where the outlay is easily recoverable from the potentially lost calls.

The majority of businesses start up from home using their home number and choose to install a second landline helping to separate business and personal calls. Before doing the same, we would recommend thinking a little to the future and business growth. Consider if your intended clients would want to call you when you are out of area. Should your business grow and you move out of the home, this will cause issues in you having to organise a new home landline and likely broadband. We would recommend looking to use an IP Phone Supplier who can offer the flexibility to allow you to keep your business number should you move.

A number of businesses start up using mobiles however consider whether this helps you to look established and appeal to your intended audience. For instance, should your target clients be from the Generation X and Baby Boomers era you may find they shun away from calling mobiles; preferring to call a landline number instead.

On a last note we need to talk about email communication and using a professional looking email address. Using @gmail or similar types of address are increasingly being spammed so we recommend using a domain relating to your business. This would firstly increase your business profile, display your business in the email address and improve the probability of the email being received.

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