Generation Z: It Takes Two (Or More) To Tango!

Generation Z: It Takes Two (Or More) To Tango!

By Ashley Carr

The many businesses of Berkshire Hathaway. Leicester City during the 15/16 football season. One Direction. All of these examples illustrate that the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Leicester City is a perfect example. While there were a few outstanding players that season, the entire team and the backroom staff must also share the plaudits for such a fantastic achievement, one that no single individual can take the full credit for. Through collaboration, great things can be achieved.

A good business partnership should be more Hewlett and Packard than Del Boy and Rodney. So what are the ingredients for a productive partnership? A supportive personal environment definitely comes to mind. There will be times when continuing with your business or project seems like an unenviable prospect. When this happens it’s so important that you are able to sit down and discuss how you are going to maintain the course. Nipping personal problems in the bud is also essential. Two different minds means two different ways of looking at things, with disagreements probable. By working through the problem in its early stages and by not allowing negative feelings to fester, a happy conclusion is far more likely. Finally, you must trust each other wholeheartedly. In a business setting there is going to be plenty of opportunities for the other person to be dishonest, and by the time you notice, it might be too late. As you can see, the keys to a good partnership are a lot like the keys to a good friendship, heading forward with a similar mindset will put your enterprise on the right path.

The rest of this article is a call to action for all members of Generation Z! There are literally millions of other intelligent young people around the world that you can collaborate and/or form a partnership with! Finding someone who gets as excited about your business idea as you do has never been easier. They could be right under your very nose! I have had a plan regarding my future for quite some time, and thought that I was destined to be a lone wolf in the pursuit of my goals. However, after an in depth conversation with my friend Harry James, it turned out that our objectives were aligned, and we now have a defined plan in place to achieve these objectives. Perhaps you have an aim that you have not shared? Or perhaps your friend or relative has mentioned a goal that they would like to achieve? As a young person we have time on our side, and in a group we have the benefit of multiple minds working at once. These two factors mean that the chances of our goals becoming reality increase drastically. November is my birthday month, and birthdays when you are young often mean wise words from elders. Here are some wise words from an African proverb:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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