Picture This; Dream It, Plan It, Live It

Picture This; Dream It, Plan It, Live It

Picture this; £86,400 gets deposited into your bank account at midnight every day, you can spend it however you want, but whatever is left at the end of the day, gets set back to £0. How would you spend the money?

There are 86,400 seconds in every day, you can’t save the time, the clock gets reset every day, how are you spending your time?

Are you letting your life pass you by, where nothing changes each year? The same holidays, the same job, the same salary, the same car…

The main issue here is not “I can’t afford…” It’s that not enough people have a proper plan in place to achieve everything they want to.

So often is the case that people could be enjoying their lives so much more, going away on dream holidays or retiring earlier etc. but have no idea how to because no one has ever sat down with them and worked out exactly what it is they want from their life and how to get there…

Over the coming months with ‘Grow South Devon’ we will be exploring proven financial life planning strategies that we use, working with business owners and retired clients to help them live the lives they WANT without fear of running out of money. To book a free 20 minute discovery call with Karl Lehmann, (author of #1 Bestseller, Dream It, Plan It, Live It) email karl@karllehmann.co.uk or call 01626 770441

Life Is Not A Rehearsal – Dream It, Plan It, Live It.

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Picture this Dream It, Plan It, Live It's Karl Lehmann

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