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How To Get Your Staff Using New Technology

How To Get Your Staff Using New Technology

Written By Lily Booth, Photo by Wiyre Media

Adaption is vital to survival and the same goes for technology in business. If used and implemented correctly, technology can innovate a company’s operations. Despite this, we all know how tricky it can be to roll out a new system to all staff, however obvious the benefits might be. Steve Jobs once said, ‘innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’ and as a leader, you should be prepared that not all your followers will understand your innovation!

So how can you get your team adopt a new system? Here are a few tips you might find useful.

  1. Share the benefits

When persuading your staff of the advantages to changing their routine, the benefits need to be relevant to both the individual and the business in general. Lay out clearly and concisely how it will improve work life for the users whilst saving the organisation money and time. This will make everyone feel involved in the implementation and appreciative of the efforts made by management to assist in their role. Make sure you communicate this information differently for different departments. For example, the way a sales team would benefit from a CRM system would differ from a finance team and this must be kept in mind when introducing the solution.

  1. Get senior influencers involved first

Before you attempt rolling out a new system, enlist the help of other leaders and influencers. This may include a manager or team leader.  Once they start using and promoting a new routine, others will follow.

  1. Arrange relevant training

Probably the most important step is choosing the right training programme for your organisation. Most software providers offer various system training options such as phone-based online sessions, on-site or even all-day workshops. Depending on your needs, you may choose to have online training as an individual and train your staff yourself or decide to set aside time for everyone to learn with a professional.

  1. Acknowledge positive results

When staff start to use the system more often, highlight its successes. Publicising what’s going well will help your case for innovation as well as making good users feel appreciated and encouraging others to follow suit. You could even implement a rewards and incentives scheme, giving points to the best users.

  1. Present it as an every-day routine

Show staff that this new system is here to stay. This means selling it to the team it as a resource that should be used every day. For example, if you’re implementing a new CRM system, you might ask them for weekly usage reports. These can be created in seconds and will ensure that members make a conscious effort to use the system routinely. This fast reporting is a great example, as without it, these could take hours- you’re already proving why new technology can make their lives easier.

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