Is being active at work possible?

Is being active at work possible?

Now working life is moving slowly back to the office for some, at Live and Move we’re wondering how the remote/office/hybrid model is working for people in Exeter and Cranbrook. There are lots of great examples out there of employers and employees who have created their own initiatives to keep work-life balance and physical activity high on the agenda.  

Is being active at work possible? 

Deadlines, pressure from various angles, the need to finish on time so that you can be present for family… all these things can take over our days and leave little time to even think about movement, whether it’s a relaxing stroll or more vigorous exercise. 

Did you know, though, that workers are more productive if they take a proper break mid-way through the day? We’re not talking about 20 minutes or a sandwich at your desk! Many people feel that they simply can’t take a full hour off, even though a lot of workplaces encourage staff to do so. We still need the flexibility and culture across the board to support this. 

There are small changes we can make as individuals that add up to noticeable uplifts in wellbeing over time. Like, heading out for a short walk or using the stairs instead of the lift, or gaining the confidence to stand up and have a good stretch even if other people can see! 

Help us out? 

We want to hear from employers and employees in Exeter and Cranbrook about how they are making space for movement during the day – or what challenges they perceive that could do with some group thinking to overcome. 

Get in touch with us at to share your stories, tell us an idea you’ve had floating around your head, or to partner with us and collaborate. We want to work together to test ideas, create innovative projects and improve the wellbeing of our local workforces! 

Live and Move are one of 12 Sport England Local Delivery Pilots across the nation. Exeter City Council is the accountable body for the funds we receive from Sport England. Our team is made up of local people and we are working with Exeter and Cranbrook communities, organisations and leaders to find out how to make it easier for people to move more in their day-to-day lives. 

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