Grow Your Own Green Leadership

Grow Your Own Green Leadership

Being a ‘Green Leader’

Leadership is about three things if it is to be authentic. Those three things are knowing, doing and being. Green leadership is all about knowledge, practicing and being green. Never has there been a greater need for ethical and informed environmental leadership. We as a race drive our planet closer and closer to extinction under the guise of short term profit and instant gratification. To hell with tomorrow let’s live luxuriously today as we live for ourselves and not our children.

Leaders are often judged on their legacy, and I will use two well-known modern leaders to reflect that: Ronald Reagan and David Cameron. Reagan’s legacy was a safer world without the Soviet Union and yet few gave him a chance of achieving anything when he came to power as a simple actor. He is now revered as one of the greatest US presidents. David Cameron always a leader and often seen as a leader with great potential left behind muddle and ambiguity as he walked away from a nation that had just voted to leave Europe. A leader who ran away from the consequences of his own actions.

Now think: What is the legacy that you as a leader will leave? Will you continue to pursue a policy and practices that will inevitably lead to global extinction or are you ready to start to change? Do you want to contribute to a greener society, if so start leading by example? So, start and start now; develop your environmental awareness; live a more globally aware existence and start to shape and lead a greener organisation. Lao Tzu once said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

Let’s all move and take that first step to create a movement in Exeter that will be a beacon to generate a greener world.

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