Free Business Adviser for Businesses in Devon

Free Business Adviser for Businesses in Devon

We caught up with Petra Davies from Business Info Point this month to hear about the free support that businesses can access in the region and why having a business adviser is so important for the success and growth of your business.

Petra comes from a long career in corporate hotel management and has also run her own business too. However, she has worked with enterprise agencies since 2003 and given a lot of businesses a lot of advice since then!

Thanks for taking the time with us today, Petra, can you tell us about your role?

I am a business adviser at Business Info Point which delivers various support to businesses in the Exeter and East Devon region, including the ERDF funded Growth Support Programme.

What have your found to be the most common issue concerning sole traders and micro businesses?

The majority of businesses come to us because they want to understand how to get more customers and they need to be more strategic with their marketing. Our advice usually starts by getting them to pin down their target market and helping them realise the potential of their uniqueness so that this comes across in their marketing message.

We understand that the Growth Support Programme is delivered to businesses in various different modules, such as HR, innovation, finance, digital and marketing. Which module is the most popular?

The digital diagnostic and marketing module is by far the most popular; this is delivered by Honiton-based social enterprise, Cosmic. It’s great for a business to work on their traditional marketing plan with us but it’s so important now to help businesses understand where they can find their target market online. Cosmic helps them to do this and most of my clients can implement the changes suggested straight away to start seeing results.

What would you say to a business who has never had a business adviser before?

So many of my clients say to me that they never would’ve considered a business adviser but are so glad that they made the decision to contact us here at BIP. Some people lack confidence, perhaps if they are just starting up, or have found their business declining and they are not sure which direction to take so having a sounding board is so useful to business owners. Giving my clients the knowledge and confidence to grow their business leads to great things!

If you would like to get in touch with BIP about the support available through the Growth Support Programme, please email or call 0800 592872. To register for the programme, go to:



The Growth Support Programme is receiving up to £904,945 of funding from the England European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

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