Technology Doesn’t Have That Human Touch – Karl Lehmann

Technology Doesn’t Have That Human Touch – Karl Lehmann

Technology is a great thing; however, it does have its downfalls, there is no doubt about that. In hotels, particularly in Asia, there are now robots that pick up your room service from the Kitchen and navigate their way right to your door. 

However, what happens if they run out of battery or have a complete software meltdown?

Phones can now take better pictures than most dedicated cameras. How many people actually use their phone cameras to their full potential though?

Some cars can now drive themselves. Crashes have already happened as a result of the technology not working properly though…

Banks are becoming full of machines in the wall that are way too complicated and often don’t work properly so you end up needing someone to help you anyway.

The point here is that sometimes, technology can be incredibly helpful, but a lot of the time, nothing beats old fashioned person to person communication. Especially when it comes to your money and Your Financial Life Plan™.

What a robot or a machine can’t recognise is what you don’t say, which I find, is actually just as important as what you do say.

Creating Your Financial Life Plan™ is more than just a number on a computer screen. It’s about what being financially secure actually means to you and your family.

Only then can I give informed and worthwhile help. Something technology will never replace.

Until Next Time,

Karl Lehmann

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